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Seattle Squadron Earns Quality Cadet Unit Award

June 23, 2014

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Seattle Squadron Earns Quality Cadet Unit Award

For the first time, Seattle Squadron has earned the Quality Cadet Unit Award! National HQ sets out 11 criteria related to managing strong cadet program fundamentals and at least 5 must be met to earn the award. These requirements inevitably lead to units maintaining a vibrant cadet program. Seattle Squadron met 6 of these requirements. Out of over 1,000 units nationwide, only about 150 meet 6 or more.

The award criteria are listed below, with those Seattle Squadron earned marked with a star.

  • *Adult Leadership: At least three senior members on the roster have attended Training Leaders of Cadets
  • *Aerospace: Unit earned the Aerospace Excellence Award (AEX) during the school year
  • *Cadet Achievement: 40% of cadets on the roster have attained the Wright Brothers Award
  • CyberPatriot: Unit fields at least one CyberPatriot Team.
  • DDR Participation: 20% of cadets on roster have completed DDRx or unit participated in RRLA
  • *Encampment: 50% of cadets on roster have completed an encampment
  • Enrollment: Unit has at least 35 cadets
  • Growth: Unit's Cadet roster increased by 10% or 10 cadets
  • Orientation Flights: 60% of cadets on roster have participated in at least one flight
  • *Retention: Unit retained 40% of first year cadets (joined between 1 Sept 2012 and 31 Aug 2013)
  • *STEM Kit: Submit an after action report for receipt and implementation of a STEM kit

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