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WAWG requires submittal of a Washington Wing Form (WWF) 31 for payment from squadron funds. All receipts must be included with the form. Wing cannot reimburse for any expenses more than 60 days old. We need time for local signatures, sending to Wing and time for Wing to approve, so get reimbursements in ASAP.

1 - Get the Form

  1. Download the WWF 31 from WAWG
  2. Fill out all the relevant info
  3. Save the file

2 - Prepare Receipts

  1. Annotate your receipts as necessary
    • e.g., mission-related flights must include pilot name, CAPID, aircraft ID, mission & sortie, etc.
    • e.g., highlight relevant expenses on a large receipt or cross out irrelevant expenses
  2. Scan or take a clear photo of your receipts
  3. Save them as PDF
    • One of the easiest ways is to create a new Word document and insert the pictures, then save/print to PDF
    • Some phones will export pictures to PDF

3 - Obtain Signatures

  1. Combine your form and receipts into one PDF document using Adobe Acrobat or a free online PDF merge tool
  2. Give the file a useful name (e.g., WWF 31, date, your name -- "WWF31 2015-12-15 Jones.doc")
  3. E-mail the single PDF to the Finance Officer, explaining the request and asking for signatures
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