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Ops Quals for Pilots

Learn how to use the Operations Qualifications (Ops Quals) module in eServices to accomplish pilot tasks. Each page in the Pilot menu is described below.

Start with the Ops Quals Basics page for general information about using Ops Quals. National also has Ops Quals guidance for pilots under their Pilot Onboarding page.

Accessing the Site

To access Ops Quals, log in to eServices and go to Operations > Operations Qualifications. In the long menu on the left side, find the Pilot section about halfway down.

  • FAA Requirements - This page is used to enter FAA pilot information.
  • Checkride/Questionnaires - These pages record completion of aircraft-specific questionnaires and Form 5 flight evaluations.
  • Prerequisites - This page is used to enter completion of pilot requirements for specific CAP flight qualifications (e.g., orientation pilot, tow pilot).
  • What Do I Need? - This page lists the requirements, and options for satisfying them, for a selected CAP flight qualification.
  • Flight Release Officer - Disregard.
  • Senior Flight Release Officer - Disregard.
  • Pilot - This page is used to enter CAP pilot special appointments.

FAA Requirements

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  • FAA Certificates - Sets your FAA pilot certificates and ratings (those relevant to CAP).
  • FAA Instructor Ratings - Sets your FAA instructor certificate and ratings.
  • Medical - Sets your FAA medical certificate information.
  • Basic Medical - Sets your FAA BasicMed information.
  • Flight Review - Sets your FAA flight review information.

Note which sections are relevant to you. Click View/Upload Documents at the top of the page to upload copies of your relevant FAA information that will support the qualification request you will submit next.

Enter your FAA information in each section that is relevant to you.

Click Submit at the bottom of the page after entering any information.


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  • Aircraft - Lists dates and status of your Form 5 qualifications for each aircraft type.
  • 70-1 Exam - Lists the completion date of your CAPR 70-1 test.
  • Questionnaires - Sets an aircraft questionnaire completion date, for an aircraft type in which you are planning to take a Form 5 evaluation flight.
  • Annual/Abbreviated Form 5 - Sets a Form 5 completion date for an aircraft type in which you have completed a Form 5 evaluation flight.
  • Additional Endorsements - Lists (and sets) additional pilot endorsements completed during a Form 5 evaluation flight.

You will need to complete and upload a questionnaire for the aircraft in which you will take your Form 5 training.

Upon completion of your Form 5 evaluation flight, you will enter an initial Form 5 under the Aircraft section, plus any endorsements under Additional Endorsements. Subsequent Form 5 renewals will be entered under Annual/Abbreviated Form 5 (and Additional Endorsements).

Click Submit at the bottom of the page after entering any information.


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  • Statement of Understanding - Sets your agreement to the statement.
  • Check Pilot/Mission Check Pilot - Disregard.
  • PIC - Sets your PIC time by category.
  • Cadet Orientation Pilot - Lists your orientation pilot qualifications.
  • CAP G1000 Training - Sets your completion of CAP G1000 training courses required for flying G1000-equipped aircraft.
  • (other sections) - Disregard.
  • Miscellaneous - Lists other completed training, such as the mandatory Aircraft Ground Handling.

Read and agree to the statement of understanding.

Check the relevant boxes for your PIC time.

Click Submit at the bottom of the page after entering any information.

What Do I Need

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  • Select CAP Qualification - Chooses the pilot qualification for which your requirements are listed.

Use this page to see what you have completed and need to complete to achieve a particular qualification.

Special Appointments

Some pilot qualifications are made by special appointment after specific training. In the left-side menu, find the Appointments section. An evaluator will handle this for you, but be aware this is where you are appointed if you qualify for Orientation Pilot - AFROTC from your first Form 5.

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