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Ops Quals Basics

The Operations Qualifications (Ops Quals) module in eServices is where all member qualifications for operations roles are viewed and entered - for emergency services, pilots, communicators, and flight release officers. It can be complicated to figure out at first. This page gives an overview of basic Ops Quals usage.

Accessing the Site

To access Ops Quals, log in to eServices and go to Operations > Operations Qualifications. In the long menu on the left side, find the section relevant to your task. The most common ones are described below.

The first time you click on some links, you will be required to enter a CAPID or name to identify the member whose information you wish to see.

  • Overview - Describes the function and access permissions of each section in Ops Quals.
  • FAQ - Answers only the most burning questions.
  • Training Material - Contains links to many training courses and reference material; mostly for pilots, links to the National webpage for ES materials.
  • CAP Helpdesk - Links to a Q&A site that appears defunct.
  • Aircraft Identifiers - Shows a document containing the IDs and full names of CAP's aircraft (e.g., C182 = Cessna 182).
  • 101 Card - Shows the 101 card (CAPF 101), or specialty qualification card, which lists the current snapshot of the member's ES qualifications status - active, trainee, evaluator.
  • Entry/View Worksheet - This is where you enter training task completion in SQTRs (specialty qualification training records) for an ES qualification.
  • Print Blank Worksheets - Contains printable versions of the online SQTRs.
  • Multi Entry - Allows an evaluator to enter training task completion for multiple members at once.
  • Skill Evaluator - This is where you can see which SQTRs a member is an evaluator for. (Having all green checks under Requirements Met is insufficient; Status must show ACTIVE.)
  • FAA Requirements - This page is used to enter FAA pilot information.
  • Checkride/Questionnaires - These pages record completion of aircraft-specific questionnaires and Form 5 flight evaluations.
  • Prerequisites - This page is used to enter completion of pilot requirements for specific CAP flight qualifications (e.g., orientation pilot, tow pilot).
  • What Do I Need? - This page lists the requirements, and options for satisfying them, for a selected CAP flight qualification.

Uploading Documents

Information entered in Ops Quals must be validated by an officer under Operations. Some information entered must have supporting documentation to be validated.

From the Ops Quals main page, click a page in the left-side menu, then enter a CAPID or name in the search box. You should then see that member's CAPID and name, a blue arrow and (optionally) an orange book, then two links.

  • (blue arrow) - This allows you to choose another member by CAPID or name.
  • (orange book) - This shows a summary of the member's personal info and CAP training.
  • View Qualifications - This link shows your operations qualifications (e.g., emergency services, pilot) and their status (e.g., current, expired).
  • View/Upload Documents - This link allows you to upload specific types of documentation supporting qualifications you are requesting.

Click View/Upload Documents to upload a file in support of a qualification you have entered.

(click to enlarge)

This is required for the qualification you have submitted to be validated by operations staff. Choose a document type from the list, click Browse to choose a file, then click Upload Pilot Files. The file will be uploaded with a standardized name and the date. Some uploaded files can be removed, but not all.

Submitting Qualifications

In short, enter data into the appropriate boxes and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Operations staff will receive an e-mail within a day or so to validate your entries. Individual tasks on a SQTR become active once the trainer validates your entry. ES qualifications (e.g., Mission Scanner) become active after all necessary levels (e.g., squadron, group, wing) of operations staff have validated it.

Simple fields look similar to the image below of a pilot task. Enter dates, check boxes, choose from lists, etc.

Items that have multiple entry fields are surrounded by a colored box with a checkbox, similar to the images below of ES tasks. Enter the date the task was accomplished. If it was evaluated by a qualified evaluator, enter their CAPID. (In the pop-up search box, enter their name or CAPID, verify that SQTR is listed for that person, then close the search box.) If you accomplished the task while on a training exercise with a mission number, enter it. Leave blank any box that is not applicable.

If you need to enter multiple items with the same information, fill out one item and use the icon at the item's upper right to copy its information into all other items whose checkboxes are marked.

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