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New Pilots

Are you an FAA pilot and new to CAP? The following guidance should help you earn your basic CAP flight status.

Also see the WAWG pilot orientation page.


Talk to the squadron flight instructors and Stan/Eval (standardization and evaluation) Officer about your flight background to determine your individual needs. Determine which instructors have time available to train you.


Learn CAP flight rules and how-to info:

  • Read and understand CAPR 70-1 CAP Flight Management. This regulation is critical.
    • Also be familiar with CAPR 900-5 (liability protection) and CAPR 60-2, paragraph 2.6.4 (cadet protection).
  • Browse the Pilot Onboarding page from CAP National.
    • This includes getting started as a CAP pilot - prerequisites, finding instructors, how to use Ops Quals and WMIRS in eServices.
  • Browse the Aircraft Operations page from CAP National.
    • This includes reference info on aircraft operation.

Ask about any squadron- or wing-specific procedures, such as airplane maintenance, fueling, payments, and cleaning.


Enter your information in Ops Quals:

  • FAA pilot information and supporting documents
  • CAP aircraft questionnaire
  • CAP pilot prerequisites and supporting documents
  • Specific qualification requirements

Start with our Ops Quals Basics page. Then get more details on the Ops Quals for Pilots page.


Complete the Aircraft Ground Handling Training online course. (In eServices, go to Online Learning > Aircraft Ground Handling Training.)

Fly with a CAP instructor until they recommend you for a check flight.

Fly with a CAP check pilot to complete your "Form 5" evaluation flight.

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