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ES Training - Mission Base

This page collects various details on training and acting as mission base staff. See the ES Training basics first.

Training Tasks

All mission base staff must:

  • Be familiar with CAPR 60-3 - CAP Emergency Services Training and Operational Missions
  • Pass CAPT 117, Part 3 - Mission Base

Some staff must complete Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT).

Some staff must complete CAPT 117, Part 2 - Aircrew.

Train to the standards in the appropriate SQTR and have that training signed off in Operations Qualifications in eServices.

A mission base staff task guide is linked from this page.

The training may be taught by any qualified evaluator but participation in a larger organized training event is strongly recommended. This will expose you to the mission base environment and part of the pace at which operations run.


Mission base staff typically have personally-derived reference information for their qualified specialties. Check with your trainers for any relevant and useful info.

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