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ES Training - Ground Team

This page collects various details on training and acting as an ES ground team member. See the ES Training basics first.

Training Tasks

All ground team members must:

Train to the standards in the appropriate SQTR and have that training signed off in Operations Qualifications in eServices.

Training materials specific to UDF, GTM3/2/1, and GTL roles are available from the National Emergency Services Academy (NESA). The reference text is the training textbook. Task guides list information about each line item in the SQTRs. The slides are the National-approved training material, though use of this specific material is not required.

The training may be taught by any qualified evaluator but participation in a larger organized training event is strongly recommended. This will expose you to the mission base environment and part of the pace at which operations run.


Ground team packing lists are extensive. The NESA Ground SAR packing list is attached here. The WAWG Ground SAR packing list is here.

The appropriate uniform is either the USAF-style ABU or the Corporate Field Uniform.

Ground Search in Washington State

Per state statute, ground search is conducted by local law enforcement. CAP is only involved if invited by the local law enforcement office. Some of these offices have established relationships with private and/or volunteer SAR organizations. If you wish to become more involved in actual ground search, you may consider using your CAP training as a stepping stone to further training with one of these organizations.

There are still many opportunities for CAP ground teams beyond actual search. CAP ground teams may perform any CAP mission other than actual search, such as training/exercises, support of aircrew training, and support of aerial photography. The training is also excellent for personal growth and learning survival techniques.

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