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General Reference

Squadron Files - where to find and how to access the squadron file cloud

CAP Uniforms - quick reference on important uniform info, where to find pieces on Vanguard

Reimbursements - how to get paid



Our Aircraft - about our custodial aircraft

Ops Quals Basics - learn the basics of navigating eServices Operations Qualifications

Flight Operations

New Pilots - quick guidance for FAA pilots to become CAP pilots

  • Get a ForeFlight subscription through CAP - read here

Ops Quals for Pilots - learn the details for using Ops Quals for pilot tasks

Emergency Services

ES Training - how to get started with Emergency Services training

ES Training - Aircrew - aircrew-specific training and operations information

ES Training - Ground Team - ground-specific training and operations information

ES Training - Mission Base - mission base-specific training and operations information

SAREX Planning - how to hold a squadron SAREX

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