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Seattle Composite Squadron actively exercises all three of CAP's primary missions. Our cadet program is managed by a small but dedicated staff of senior members who have built a strong program. Our senior program is weighted toward emergency services, particularly air operations. Aerospace and Safety education are integrated into both the senior and cadet programs through regular agenda items.

Cadet Programs

Our cadet program officers' efforts were recognized by National HQ with the Quality Cadet Unit Award. Cadets are taught the tenets of leadership and given the opportunity to lead their peers as they progress through the program. Moral leadership and the importance of CAP's Core Values are taught regularly. Mathematics, science, engineering and history are taught through regular aerospace education lessons, which may be lectures on aviation and space or hands-on activities over the course of multiple weeks. Ground search and rescue training is given periodically and occasional "camping" weekends are held in the wilderness for practical exercise. Cadets may also take orientation flights in CAP aircraft where CAP pilots teach the cadet about aircraft operations and even allow them to fly the plane. If you have a child between the ages of 12 and 18, he or she is eligible for membership.

More info about Seattle Cadet Programs: for prospective cadetsfor parents

Senior Programs

Most of our seniors (adults) are rated aircrew, a number are pilots and we also have a few rated ground team members and leaders. Our squadron is currently assigned a Cessna 182T Nav III (G1000 avionics). Many seniors also volunteer as emergency workers with WSDOT Aviation since much of the CAP and WSDOT aviation training is held jointly. Pilots have the opportunity to fly cadets on orientation flights, learn search and rescue flying, perform aerial photography missions and more. Senior members need not be pilots. The senior program has roles for people with interest in finance, law, public affairs, recruiting, information technology and more. If you have an interest in serving your community and the dedication to contribute positively to our program, please come visit.

More info about Seattle Senior Programs: for prospective members

Command Staff

Capt Ignacio Hoyos
Squadron Commander

Capt Hoyos is an instrument-rated private pilot and joined Civil Air Patrol in 2010. Originally from Venezuela, he has resided in the US for many years and graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is an engineer working for a supplier to Boeing and previously interned at the venerable Piper Aircraft.

Maj Wade Hasbrouck
Deputy Commander for Seniors

Maj Hasbrouck was a cadet officer in Montana Wing during the 1980s and won awards at the National Cadet Competition. He rejoined Civil Air Patrol in 2010 and is rated in aircrew and ground ES specialties and communications. Outside of CAP, he is a software engineer, a private pilot, and photographer.

1st Lt Zachary Dawson
Deputy Commander for Cadets

Lt Dawson is a former cadet officer, having risen to the rank of Cadet Captain. A technology enthusiast, he has volunteered with Engineers Without Borders, earned an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon, and is currently a software engineer at private spaceflight company, Blue Origin. He is also a private pilot.

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Seattle Composite Squadron, CAP
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